Cheers for independent agents come from the heart

Mavis Pearl has the look of someone you can talk to easily: a kind face (even though it’s a bit droopy) and understanding eyes. And she’ll let you scratch her behind the ears. Her trademark color is pink – she’ll dress up in a pink tutu, cape, wig, grass skirt, flamboyant bow, or anything that adds a bit of color and flare to the sterile atmosphere web of the hospitals and medical clinics she visits.

As a well-known certified therapy dog in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Mavis Pearl makes her way around to patients and those with special needs on a frequent basis. When she can’t be present, her look-alikes – stuffed dogs modeled after her charming English-bulldog charm – are ready to stand in with their quiet demeanor, ears made for listening and soft bodies meant for hugging.

Helping to groom those stuffed dogs for giving joy are the employees of Rich & Cartmill, an independent insurance agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For three years, they have prepped the Mavis Pearl models with decorations and costumes for the Joy in the Cause Company, which is mission-driven to provide meaningful acts of care and compassion for those with life-altering illness or special needs and their families.

When they are not decorating dogs, the people at Rich & Cartmill are involved in fundraising efforts for the Joy in the Cause Company or the annual Christmas gift drive for children at a local special-education school. They simply like to do good.

Independent insurance agencies with a passion for volunteerism, like Rich & Cartmill, make their communities stronger. This desire that agents have to make a difference is what inspired Safeco Insurance to develop the Make More Happen Program. Through a year-long series of awards and contests, Safeco encourages, recognizes and celebrates the volunteerism of independent agent partners and honors their community commitment with donations to the charities they support.

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