Support for Troops

At Rich & Cartmill, we are very passionate about our troops. After all, because of their sacrifices, we are allowed to live, work, and enjoy the greatest nation in the World. 

In 2001, our staff decided to give back to these heroes by sending care packages to make their lives a little brighter while overseas. The Rich & Cartmill staff sends care packages twice a year, around 4th of July and at Christmastime, to deployed soldiers. The soldiers we send to are family, friends, or clients of our Rich & Cartmill employees. 

We also have sent special shipments to celebrate birthdays and for newly deployed soldiers as well. We try to purchase items that they might be unable to obtain while deployed. We also send fun items that remind them of home.

We have also contributed to Blue Star mothers to support various projects throughout the year. And, also blessed Veterans with cards on Valentine’s Day.

It’s the least we can do as an organization to show our support and thank them for their service!