Rich & Cartmill, 
Growing Pains.

Kent Bradford (Oklahoma boy and father of Oklahoma University legend, Sam Bradford) knows a thing or two about growing pains. You see Kent and brother Kyle were moving along famously with their small, private insurance agency until growth began to hinder what they really wanted to do…service the client. That’s when they decided to join Rich & Cartmill Insurance and Bonds.

“Joining the Rich & Cartmill team allowed us to work smarter. Not harder. Now we have a team to support us in our administrative roles and hundreds of insurance options for the client. We can get back to doing what we truly love. Selling insurance and servicing our wonderful clients.”

Kent Bradford

As one of the Top 100 agencies in the U.S., Rich and Cartmill has become a wise business solution for numerous agents like Kent Bradford.

If you’re searching for a smart business solution that gives you the ability to work smarter and not harder, contact Rich & Cartmill today. You’ll be glad you did.