Rich & Cartmill, 
A Wise Business Decision.

When Mike Roller had the opportunity to leave his position as a direct line writer for a national insurance company, he jumped at the chance. Why?

Because he recognized the long-term potential and amazing flexibility offered by Rich & Cartmill Insurance and Bonds.

“I knew I had more opportunities to achieve my retirement and long-term goals through an independent agency such as Rich & Cartmill. Now, I’m in a position to grow my book of business in any direction I see fit.”

Mike Roller

Since 1922, Rich & Cartmill has internally perpetuated itself which gave Roller the assurance that there will be a buyer for his business when he’s ready to retire. As one of the Top 100 agencies in the US, Rich & Cartmill has become a wise business decision for numerous agents in Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado and Kansas.

Roller says, “I am able to find the perfect fit for my customers through the multiple insurance companies we represent. I didn’t have that flexibility with the direct line company. Simply put, this was a wise business decision all the way around.”

If you are searching for a smart business solution that gives you the ability to control your own destiny, with a generous 60/40 split, contact Rich & Cartmill today. You’ll be glad you did.