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Auto Topic

Streamline Your Auto Insurance Costs

Are You Covered for Use of a Non-Owned Vehicle?

Selecting Limits and Coverages for Autos and Equipment

Business Vehicles: Are They Insured Properly?

Update Rental Car Coverage

Negligent Entrustment – A Dangerous Gamble

Reduce Auto Exposure and Insurance Costs

Employees Driving Records Can Cost You

Bonding Topic

Bonding Do’s and Don’ts

Back to Basics With Lamar Hunt

A Good Construction CPA Can Help a Contractor’s Bonding

What’s New in Financial Statements for Bonding

The Truth About Those Bonding Formulas

Bonding Lines of Credit Are Flexible

Bonding – Importance of Work In Progress

Joint Ventures & Indemnity Can Enhance Bonding

Increased Bonding Capacity Thru Asset Re-Utilization

Bonding Experts Site Reasons for Contractor Failures

Choosing a Bonding Company That’s Right for You

Bonding – Lessons From the Past

Continuity – Important to Bonding Companies

Bonding Companies Using Industry Standards

Bid Mistakes – Contractors Rights

Types of Financial Statements You Need for Bonding

Bonding and More

10 Ways to Add Financial Strength for Bonding – Part 1

10 Ways to Add Financial Strength for Bonding – Part 2

What the Best Bonding Companies Have in Common

Bonding – Time For a Tune Up

Bonds Treated Different Than Insurance

Pitfalls of Using Collateral to Obtain Bonds

Schedule of Contracts in Progress Important to Bonding Companies

Maximize Bonding in Tough Economic Times

New Financial Statements for Contractors Unwelcome News

Continuity Agreements Help Bonding

Financial Red Flags for Bonding

Don’t Start Work Until a Contract is in Place

Joint Ventures – Bonding and Insurance

Why Some Contractors Succeed and Others Fail

Ownership Changes Can Complicate Bonding

Builders Risk Topic

Builders Risk/Installation Floater – Dangerous Oversights

Builders Risk/Installation Floater – Are You Covered?

How to Construct Proper Builders Risk Coverage

The Often Overlooked Exposure of Job Site Pollution

Claims Topic

Prompt and Accurate Reporting of Claims – The Payoff

Control Your Work Comp Claims Cost

Reporting Claims is Important

Equipment Floater Topic

Equipment Floaters – Watch For the Differences

Mobile Equipment – Where Should It be Covered?

Mobile Equipment – Where Is Your Coverage?

Customize Your Equipment Floater

Liability Topic

Contractual Liability – What Is It?

Hold Harmless Agreements and Alternatives

Insurance and Independent Contractors

Hidden Risks for Pollution Liability

Environmental Related Coverages are Available

Disadvantages of Adding Additional Insurance

Be Aware of General Liability Exclusions

Punitive Damages – The Question of Coverage

Employment Practices Liability – Don’t Underestimate the Risk

Most Insurance Policies Limit Pollution Coverage

Your Liability for Employee Benefit Plans

Hold Harmless Agreement Is Causing Problems

Workmanship Exclusion Important to Know

Property In Your Care, Custody or Control

New Liability Endorsement Harmful to Contractors

Third-Party Action Over Claims – A Problem For Contractors

Electronic Data Exclusion Has Large Loss Potential

Contractors May Have Unexpected Environmental Risk

Employment Practices Liability – Losses Are Pouring In!

Do You Need Professional Liability?

Damage to Electronic Data Liability

Affordable Care Act Increases Need for Fiduciary Liability

Completed Operations – What It Covers?

Employers Liability – What’s It For Anyway?

Umbrella/Excess Liability – How Much Is Enough?

Umbrella/Excess Liability – What It Is and Is Not

New Faulty Workmanship Insurance and More

Broad Form Liability Endorsement – Worth the Premium

Property In Your Care, Custody or Control – Are You Insured

Life Topic

Business Life Insurance – A Neglected Need For Contractors

How Contractors Use Life Insurance

How $100 a Month Will Keep Your Key Employees

Miscellaneous Topic

Insurance Survey Save Premiums and Losses

Certificate of Insurance From Subs Important

How to Shop and Compare Insurance Proposals

Agents Letter of Record – Uses and Misuses

Beware Harmful Language In the Contract

Insuring Joint Ventures

Employee Dishonesty Coverage – Don’t Be Without It

Insurance Surveys Save Premiums and Losses

Bundled Coverages for Little or No Cost

Annual Protection Review – A Must!

Tips for Marketing Your Insurance

Best Management Practices for Contractors

Misleading Premium Proposals

Does More Information = Better Quote or More Declinations

Construction Contracts – Get Professional Advice

Insurance – Don’t Risk a Lot to Save a Little

Insurance/Bonding Companies – The Differences

Certificates of Insurance No Longer Routine

30th Anniversary Tips

High Cost of Employee Dishonesty

Caution on Construction Contract Provisions

Gaps, Tips and Tactics

Subcontractor or Employee – Difference Could Cost You

Check Who Is an Insured on Policy

Prompt Reporting of Claims – The Payoff

Did You Choose the Right Bond Agent

Better Insurance Is Affordable – More Coverage at No Cost

Reporting Claims Is Important

Disability – A Real Possibility

Property Topic

Coinsurance Clause – A Purpose and Effect

Flood and Earthquake Question – Insure or Gamble?

Building and Contents – What’s Your Insurable Value?

Storm Damage – What If It Had Been Me?

Property Insurance – Adequate Limits and Coverages

Are You Converted for Flood?

Read Your Lease for Uninsured Perils

Risk Management Topic

Reducing Insurance Cost Thru Risk Management

Reducing Insurance Cost With Loss Control

Risk Management Benefits Contractors

Use Risk Management for Employee Auto Exposures

Allocating Risk on Construction Projects

Worker’s Compensation Topic

Reduce Your Worker’s Compensation Costs

Dangers of Group Self Insurance Worker’s Comp Costs

Worker’s Compensation – Exposures That Could Cost You

Worker’s Compensation Reminder

Experience Modification – What Is It and How To Use It?

Certified Workplace Medical Plans